Oh no, not another computer museum!

Detail from Byte magazine April 1981.
The cover article is about "Future Computing"

This is an alphabetic list of the computers in the museum. Because of space limitations,
most of them are stored in boxes with all documentation and peripherials. The only display is this virtual museum.
The most interesting ones will get a page. If I find time to create it.

As the main focus of the museum is on quality and not on quantity, don't expect to see the list below to grow fast. More likely the information on the computers on the list will expand. I might even drop some "unintereresting" machines (and trade them for information I do want).

Items marked with an * are tradeable.

Items marked with an ? were just borrowed for study.

Items marked with an - are not or no longer part of the physical collection.

Virtual library overview. Contains HTML and scanned/PDF versions

Some interesting mirrored sites (only locally)

Current set of "official" copies of this site:

Interesting parts doc:

Software projects

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Last updated: 2023-02-28