WD1002-05 Winchester/Floppy Controller

WD1002-05 Winchester/Floppy Controller data sheet

All images are black & white 300 dpi gifs, scanned from copies of the datasheets.

This board was used with TRS80 M1, 3, 4 and compatibles and several CP/M machines from the same area (1980-1985). Here the interface between the WD1002 and the Model 1.

Data sheet, 7 pages in PDF

Jumper settings for a working board (tested with LNW80).
Each individual pin is numbered, and '--' means a jumper is present:
	E3  E4
	E5--E6  E7
	E8--E9  E10
	E11  E12
	E13  E14
Taken from an ASSY 61-031094-00 REV N      WD1002-05 (not the board above)

Note that this information is only for your entertainment. I do not produce or sell these boards.

  • Jumper info and OEM manual

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