Sanguino based PROM reader

PROM shield

This shield allows reading PROMs that were not supported by my DATA I/O 212 MULTI PROGRAMMER. The current version is limited to a 2716 and TBP28S86N compatible PROMs. Other devices will be added when I have the need to read them. For other devices like TTL-PROMs and PALs a different shield will be developed.

schema of the shield Wiring not on the schema:
ATMega644P  TexTool  function
pin name    pin      PROM
 PB0          8       AD0
 PB1          7       AD1
 PB2          6       AD2
 PB3          5       AD3
 PB4          4       AD4
 PB5          3       AD5
 PB6          2       AD6
 PB7          1       AD7
 PA0         23       AD8
 PA1         22       AD9
 PC0          9       O0
 PC1         10       O1
 PC2         11       O2
 PC3         13       O3
 PC4         14       O4
 PC5         15       O5
 PC6         16       O6
 PC7         17       O7



Last update: 2012-04-08