Arduino Mega based MC6809 CPU board tester

Based on the Z80 exerciser I created a MC6809 variant. The command set is almost identical to the original, but used somewhat different pins and emulates MC6809 signals. Not very strict, but enough to perform read and write operations. It is beta, so some Z80-isms remain.

MC6809 exerciser 0.1beta command set

Aaaaa          - set address bus to value aaaa
Bpp or B#ss    - blink pin p (in hex) or symbol: A0-AF,D0-D7,RW,E,Q
D[ssss[-eeee]|+] - Dump memory from ssss to eeee (default 256 bytes)
H              - This help text
Issss-eeee     - Generate hex intel data records
MRaaaa[+]      - Read memory address aaaa, optionally repeating
MWaaaa vv[+]   - Write vv to address aaaa, optionally repeating
Qn             - Repeat rate; 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ..., 32678 ms (n=0-9,A-F)
Sssss-eeee:vv  - fill a memory range with a value
Tp             - exercise pin p
Ussss-eeee     - test RAM range (walking 1s)
V              - view data bus, pins INT, NMI, WAIT, BUSRQ, RESET
Wpp v or W#ss v - Write pin (in hex) or symbol: A0-AF,D0-D7,RD,WR.MQ,IQ,M1,RF,HT,BK; values 0, 1
?              - This help text


Last updated: 2021-04-27