Yet another computer museum - The Epson PX-8

Thanks to Will Rose and Don Maslin I am able to enrich these pages with some very nice software, PXVFS.

The PX8VFS program written by Will Rose emulates up to four PF-10 disks on an MS-DOS or OS/2 system via the serial port. The PX-8 sees them as D:, E:, F: and G:. The PX8UTY program is used to create and maintain the images (directory listing, copying from and to the file system, deleting files)

What do you need (apart from the PX-8 and the software below)?

PX8VFS compatability

Sofar I tested the DOS version of PX8VFS on three computers.

A 80286 Toshiba T3200 portable (with 16550 card) and DOS 5.0:
this works, but at about microcassette speed.
An Asus TX97 with AMD K6-200 200MHz 64 MByte and Windows 98:
here I could read the disks, but not write them. A BAD SECTOR message on the PX-8.
An Intel? 486 board and DOS 6.22:
this works OK.

Below a 'screenshot' of PX8VFS running on an inadequate machine.

The software:

Will maintains the software and welcomes bug reports. His email address is (spam safe mode)

PX8VFS is free software but the copyright is held by Will Rose. As the MS-DOS source contains third party copyrighted software, it is not available. More info is in the official documentation of the PX8VFS suite.

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Latest update: 2012-02-02